Automated Third Party Verification - Low Costs / Strong Results

No one has more third party verification experience

TrustedTPV offers the best in automated Third Party Verifivation, both with and without live operator Quality Assurance (QA). Automated verification is used by energy marketers primarily for telemarketing verifications. TrustedTPV's live operator QA process ensures that your automated TPV calls are reviewed by our verification experts. Most importantly for the fast-paced world of telemarketing sales, our robust, well tested platform ensures that verification calls get through 24x7.

Full recordings - All TrustedTPV transactions are recorded and immediately available for retrieval via our new client portal and by telephone

Recordings are stored for two years or more and can also be electronically transferred to you at no additional charge

Experience - TrustedTPV's management literally invented automated third party verification and has been perfecting it for more than 17 years. No one has more verification than TrustedTPV and no one understands your needs more. Third party verification is the only thing we do, the only service we provide. We better be number one or our kids will go hungry.

Flexible scripting allows for multiple states, multiple utilizes and multiple rates on one TPV line. Our advanced scripting platform allows for easy updates and modifications

TrustedTPV understands the importance of being responsive to client needs. Our Client Services group is run by experienced TPV professionals many years of TPV experience. Everyone at TrustedTPV understands that when it comes to launching new scripts or making changes, time is money. Our entire team, including some of the best IT folks in the business, are committed to exceeding your verification needs.

Full capability in English as well as Spanish and other languages as needed. We understand that in many markets, Spanish speaking populations can make up as much as 20% of the population. We’re Spanish capable to ensure that you can meet those needs.

100% script consistency -every question, statement, and disclaimer is played for your customer at the same tone in the same voice, 100% of the time. Your legal and regulatory

Reporting - TrustedTPV clients receive a detailed electronic report based on their results every morning showing the total calls from the previous day that hit the system, how many were completed and how many passed - and the reason for any calls not passing.

TrustedTPV is scalable, with virtually unlimited verification capability - ensuring unlimited call capacity

Full recording – All TrustedTPV transactions are recorded in full audio at no additional charge so you have the option of hearing what is recorded while the prompts are playing

Phone retrievals provide instant playback for end-user customers while the web interface is perfect for your own QA

Recordings are stored for two years or more and can also be electronically transferred to your site

For many customers, TrustedTPV quality control reps listen to their verifications every night and provide detailed reporting the following morning

TrustedTPV callflows can be either scripted or open-ended. Scripted Verifications follow an interactive script while open-ended verifications used to record and store your live operator transactions

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