Live Operator TPV – Highest Quality / Most Efficient Service

The TrustedTPV live operator platform utilizes the highest level of technology

To make the most of this redundancy, TrustedTPV uses a tier one call center as its primary live op technology center. All TPV operations and operator interaction, including scripting, reporting, IVR services, call recording and customer setup happen at our primary technology facility in Rochester, NY. This setup allows TrustedTPV to route calls from one center to another, and in the unlikely event of a disruption at one center, we can transfer all calls to another. TPV reps in our call centers enter customer data into a script/screen that is coming from Rochester. All data is collected and sent to clients real-time. Audio is batched at night when bandwidth requirements are lower. TPV reps can access customer data through your web service or through ours.

TrustedTPV recently unveiled a new client web portal. Customers can view real-time production reports, identity individual transactions, download verification audio, modify TPV scripts and manage their call centers and door to door marketing companies. We obtained input from a variety of energy clients, telecom clients, door to door marketers and telemarketers to produce a best-in-class portal for all client needs. Door to door sales reps and telemarketers can transfer customer data to us using our proprietary web interface or an easy API transfer. Either way, data is received quickly and accurately.

Other Highlights
Our friendly operators are over-scheduled to ensure the shortest pick-up times. Operators are TPV-trained and dedicated to giving you the highest verification rate possible. Third party verification is the only service that we provide, our operators are familiar with industry terminology, acronyms and slang.

Data Interaction
TrustedTPV understands the importance of technology when working with our energy clients. Data interaction starts with how your and marketers send customer data to us in order to make Trusted verifications as quick and easy as possible. Data interaction doesn’t end there. We have to get your data back to you and whether that’s using an API, FTP or even email – Trusted can support the reporting needs of all of our clients.

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