Third Party Verification Advantages - Experience, Technology
and Great People

No one has more third party verification experience

TrustedTPV operates on a very basic business principle put forth by Larry Leikin many years ago: offer our clients a better verification for less money and you will both succeed. For over 17 years, Larry has been striving, and succeeding to make that mission statement a reality. Today, TrustedTPV is the fastest growing verification company in the world. We serve small energy start-ups and fortune 500 utilities. Most of all, every single person at TrustedTPV is dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

TrustedTPV, LLC provides the most advanced Third Party Verification services to the telecommunication, competitive energy, telecommunications, financial services and healthcare industries

TrustedTPV offers the best in automated, live operator and web-based verification. Our senior management team is the most experienced in the industry and have been providing TPV to companies from the Fortune 500 to sole proprietors for over 21 years the most advanced technology

Our flexible platform allows you to turn any telephone into an on-demand third party verification and voice recording tool. With TrustedTPV, there is no equipment, no software, no capital required at all

Our services provide cost effective solutions for Retail Energy Suppliers (REPs) and call centers from around the world

TrustedTPV's entire platform is fully redundant. With 3 point of presence (POP) sites the company operates an incredible efficient system and also ensures the maximum amount of redundancy. We know that your calls always have to get through and we've designed a verification platform to ensure that they always will.

Live Operator Platform
Third Party Verification utilizing a live-operator service bureau follows a process usually dictated, and always approved by the customer. In one of its more complex instantiations, a call arrives to the IVR when a sales agent has completed a sale and requires TPV to verify the sale. Data arrives at the call center via an API or proprietary web interface. The Agent is prompted for one unique piece of information by an automated script, such as their own Representative ID number and the customer’s identifying data, e.g., their “billing telephone number” (BTN), even with gas & electric utility customers.

• Trusted Call Centers
100 current stations - ability to add capacity quickly

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