With TextTPV, Trusted envisions a process where your customer – or sales partner – or even an internal CS associate – enters the customer’s information into Trusted’s online webform.  The form would be customized and specific to every one of your sales channels and partners.  Selling in retail?  Brand the webform with your logo & your partner’s logo.


Once Trusted has the customer data  – either from the customer directly or from some other method – we will send a text to the customer and ask them for their e-signature.  They simply text their reply back and you’re done. Final confirmation back to the customer can be in the form of another text or an email – either way, it will include the document with the customer’s signature. 


The other way TextTPV can be utilized as part of your acquisition efforts is on the marketing side – Retail Energy Providers can embark on a campaign where prospective customers would see the REP’s code  and text them for more info or special rates.  Customers could put in their zip code and might receive a special offer and that lead could be passed on internally.

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