E-Signature - Secure Electronic Signature for Online Transactions

Third Party Verification Pioneer Makes Online Verification for Energy Transactions Quick, Easy and Secure.

E-Signature is a third party verification service for online orders. E-Signature is a secure third party verification process that allows energy marketers and others to easily obtain verifiable consent from their online customers. If you're using the web to acquire new customers, then you need E-Signature.

E-Signature is simple to use. Customers start out on your website and go through your standard online ordering process. When they've completed the process, they press submit and are pushed over to TrustedTPV's secure verification site. The customer's completed online order form is visible and the customer clicks on the signature box on the bottom and then "signs" the document with their mouse, stylus or finger. The customer is then pushed back to your website to finish the order. The document that is created contains the online order form with the customer's information along with their signature and their IP address.

TrustedTPV's E-Signature is available in various mobile applications, making it perfect for door to door marketing campaigns, tablets and smart phones. Customers can sign the order form with their finger or a stylus. E-Signature's are extremely flexibly, making them perfect for residential orders as well as for more complex business orders with multiple accounts. Most importantly, TrustedTPV's E-Signature is E-Sign compliant; your E-Signature Electronic Signature is a legal document recognized by the E-Sign Act.

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